April 28, 2011

Arab rulers.. WTF?????

Original Post: February 17th 

How dumb are you? Are you all carrying the same handbook "Topple my regime for dummies"?? Bahrain, Yemen, Lybia, Iran and the ones to come.. Have you not seen Tunisia and Egypt?  How is it possible that you religiously follow the same exact path, step by step, not
missing a single act of idiocy that has guaranteed the fall of your neighbouring tyrants?

Or is it that you have been submerged in your comfortable ignorance for so long that you have shed all other knowledge? Is it possible that you have relied on oppression throughout your existence that you are really ignorant to other languages? What dillusions of supremacy give you that assurance and confidence that what happened next door will not happen to you?

I'm honestly confused.. I can't understand you.. Just the same way I couldn't understand Ben Ali.. Only he had the excuse of not having seen it happen.. but you have.. and you saw it repeated in Egypt.. How is it possible that you learned nothing? My brain can not comprehend your thought process.. or lack thereof..

I've just seen footage from Lybia, Yemen and Bahrain.. They're all the same.. and identical to Egypt's.. 4:00 a.m. Bahrain police attacking Lulu.. Identical images from Tahrir January 25th, 2:30 a.m. and I'm not saying "similar", I consciously choose "identical" because it is - simply - mind boggling how not a single difference can be spotted.

Maybe you think you can use more force.. maybe get away with it.. be the only one who did it.. How pathetically amnesial is that? Didn't Iran two years ago, kill its protestors, homocidily putting the revolts to sleep?? Is it sparing Iran now? Have you seen the Iranian population this week? Do they look broken to you? Does it look like they learned their lesson 2 years ago and are submitting?

Let me tell you how it will go for you:

Beat your protestors, gaz them and shoot them.. more will come to the streets
Slow down your internet, cut it off, firewall websites.. more will come to the streets
Come out and tell your people your sob stories and make promises that you won't keep.. more will come to the streets
Bring out your army.. Fly F16's over their heads.. more will come to the streets
Make more speeches and more promises.. tell them you understand.. more will come to the streets
Open your jails.. send your thugs.. more will come to the streets

Now, there are more people in the streets than your army can handle.. people who are willing to die for their freedom.. but Oops !! your troops are not willing to die for you.. Checkmate.. take a plane..

It's simple you dumbfucks.. change is coming, it's inevitable and it's happening now.. you can either accept this fact and make the change or get the fuck out.. My apologies, I take that back.. just get the fuck out and save yourself the stressful weeks to come.. and you might.. just might get away with it.. 

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