November 27, 2011

Beyond Face Value and Behind Closed Doors

The current events gripping Egypt should not be taken at face value. The discussions about a presidential council, boycotting the elections, Ganzoury government or the SCAF willingly relinquishing power are all solutions for a symptom but not addressing the real issues. The SCAF never cared about constitution first/elections first nor do they care about which Prime Minister is in place. What they have wanted all the time is to protect their backs as they leave the scene as well as retaining some or all of their historical powers. What we are going through right now is a fight between the street and the SCAF for the position of the army in a civilian managed state. 

November 15, 2011

The Fight

Ever since Tuesday January 25th, I've been in a fighting mode. At first it was the fight to oust Mubarak, then it was the fight for the Referendum. A fight that I thought we lost to Islamists and the apathetic majority, which – as it turns out – was a fight we both lost to the SCAF. Nevertheless, at the time, I took it like a true sportsman and decided to turn my attention to

November 13, 2011


يعتقد الكثيرون أن القاهرة مدينة.. هى فى الحقيقة مجموعة من الدويلات والإمارات تربطها علاقات تاريخية وإقتصادية وإجتماعية وثيقة ولكن كل منها مستقل إستقلال تام..  يربط بين هذه الدويلات شبكة طرق معقدة  لا يفهمها إلا القاهريون.. ويعتبر المرور فى القاهرة من عجائب الدنيا التى تذهل علماء الفيزياء ويحكى تاريخياً إنها سميت القاهرة لأن الغالبية العظمى من الغزاة إنهارت جيوشهم على كوبرى ستة أكتوبر.. بالذات مطلع البطل أحمد..