April 29, 2011

Memoires of Jan25: On the day of rage, Mardinix wrote..

On the night of January 27th the internet was cut off from Cairo and several other governorates. On January 28th at around 10:00 a.m. all mobile phones were cutoff. 

Mardinix is one of my best friends who has always been politically active. He attended protests when only a few dozens were participating. He moved to Europe last year and when the

April 28, 2011

January 25th: Memoires of a non revolutionary

I always adored my country but I was never involved in politics. I could see where Egypt was heading and I did not like it but I never thought I could do anything to change it. I went by,

Random Tuesday thoughts that won't please many political activists

Original Post: April 26th, 2011

Social Justice
Talking about social justice in the context of a minimum wage exclusively without a vision for equal opportunity (education, healthcare, employment and social welfare) is short term. Is like

Justice has to prevail and so does Egypt

Original Post: April 18th, 2011

Mubarak is in jail and so are some of his most evil partners; waiting for - what I hope will be - fair trials. Still, many are calling for more members of the old regime to be arrested and tried.

Mubarak.. Mubarak.. what have you done?

 Original Post: April 15th, 2011

Whenever we talk about Mubarak these days, it's in the context of him killing protesters, the money he stole and the corruption of his regime. What Mubarak has really done to this

Where do we go from here..

Original Post: April 7th, 2011

As I write this, tens of political parties are forming, each working on setting up their mandates, values policies and strategies.  Most are talking about very similar concepts and guiding

Neutralize don't criticize

Original Post: March 22nd, 2011

So, now we've seen how big of an impact religious people have over the average Egyptian. Scary isn't it? And now we're thinking that we should get out, the real battle is in the villages

Don't let them drag you to their level

Original Post: March 20th, 2011

Cheer up !! I say to all my good friends from the NO camp. A Yes or a No result are not what will make or break this country's rise to democracy. Look at the millions who came out yesterday,

إلى حياة ديمقراطية

Original Post: March 20th, 2011

الدرس الأول فى الديمقراطية كان درساً قوياً، قاسياً وجميلاً.. لقد أثبت الشعب المصرى أنه مستعد للديمقراطية وأن الديمقراطية هى التى لم تكن مستعده له. فإن الأعداد التى شاركت فى إستفتاء 19 مارس غير مسبوقة وإقتربت نسبة المشاركة من مثيلاتها فى دول
تمارس الديمقراطية منذ عقود طويلة. ولكن للأسف لم تكن الديمقراطية مستعدة للشعب المصرى فقد أخفقت كل القوات السياسية المختلفة فى الإرتقاء بالحياة السياسية إلى المستوى الذى أبدى الشعب المصرى الإصرار للوصول إليه. وظهر مدى ضعف هذه القوات سواءً كانت أحزاب أو مجموعات منظمة أو أفراد. ورأينا شعباً متحضراً ومتعطش إلى الديمقراطية والمشاركة وينقصه الوعى ويقابله قيادات سياسية ضعيفة ومضللة ومتراخية ومتعصبة.

Egyptians Score High - Everybody else: EPIC FAIL

Original Post: March 20th, 2011

Yesterday was a historic day.. As I write this note the final figures have not been released but initial estimates put the turnout at around 25 Million voters, a little over 50% of all eligible voters in a referendum that has addressed a highly technical and complicated topic. Regardless of the results of the referendum, the Egyptian population has scored the highest of all the different forces in this new era. This unprecedented turnout, the long lines, the persistence of the participants to vote can only reassure anyone who was worried about the future of democracy in this country that this is a population that has learned in less than 8 weeks how every individual vote counts; and in doing so have proved to all those that have accused us of being passive that we are more ready for democracy than democracy was ever ready for us. With this participation and such an enthusiasm, I am not worried about Egypt anymore.

RELAX !!!!

Original Post: March 15th, 2011

To all those that are threatened from the Islamic currents that we see today, I say RELAX !! It's not half as bad as you think. Let's do the math:

عن مباحث أمن الدولة والملفات

Original Post: March 6th, 2011

على مدار اليومان الماضيان ظهرت مستندات عديدة تم الحصول عليها (حسب ما يشاع) من مبانى مباحث أمن الدولة التى تم إقتحامها. وقد إهتممت بأن أقراء النسبة الأكبر منها. وأتوقع أن يستمر النشر على مدار الأيام والأسابيع القادمة فربما أغير رأيى فى هذه المستندات فى وقت لاحق ولكن فى الوقت الحالى سوف أسرد بعض من ملاحظاتى والحقائق التى أعلمها:

رسالة إلى التحرير - أوعوا الثورة تبوظ منكم

 Original Post: March 1st, 2011

لا يختلف إثنان على أن الثورة مهددة سواء كنت مقتنع بنظرية الثورة المضادة أو مؤامرة إختطاف الثورة أو بفكرة سيطرة الحزب الوطنى على الحكومة الحالية. وربما تكون هذه المخاطر كلها صحيحة وحقيقية ولكننى أظن أن نفس هذه الثورة التى أقالت مبارك قادرة على محاربة وردع أى قوة تعمل ضدها.. المشكلة اليوم هى أن هذه الثورة ليست هى نفس الثورة التى قامت يوم 25 يناير والتى حشدت

10 Questions..

Original Post: March 1st, 2011

I'm listing here a number of questions. I'm looking logical answers to try and understand whether we are really progressing towards democracy or if this whole business is being wrapped up in

Who's who in February 2011?

Original Post: February 19th, 2011

Over the past few days, I've been having discussions with everybody I know about the current and upcoming political situation (and honestly who hasn't?). It's obvious that this is everyone's

Arab rulers.. WTF?????

Original Post: February 17th 

How dumb are you? Are you all carrying the same handbook "Topple my regime for dummies"?? Bahrain, Yemen, Lybia, Iran and the ones to come.. Have you not seen Tunisia and Egypt?  How is it possible that you religiously follow the same exact path, step by step, not

Then.. Septembre 2010

I wrote this in September.. Little did I know, that less than 6 months later I would see those same people tumbling one after the other.. I look forward to writing a new one after the regime leaves..