June 28, 2012

The revolution that started 10 years ago

For 7000 years we've existed as one nation; and since the last 3 Pharaonic dynasties until the 1952 coup d'etat, we've been ruled by non-Egyptians. We've had them all, Greeks, Romans, Muslims from the East, from the West, from Turkey, the French and the Brits. Moreover, we've always been an open society and a crossroad between different civilizations, at least the northern half of the country which saw merchants, travelers, foreign armies, scholars and immigrants come and go. After 1952, we've been ruled by Egyptians but each one of them came with his own set of ideologies (or lack thereof), Socialist (borderline communist), Neo Liberal and finally a complete idiot. During the past few thousand years we've had hundreds of cultures come and go, each one of them taking over the country for a few years, decades or even centuries. Over the years, we've absorbed each one of those "guests", retained some of what we liked about their culture(s) and sent the rest back with them on their way out. Yet, somehow, we've managed to retain the roots of our culture and kept adding layers but rarely shedding any of our core values. Somehow, we're still celebrating Sham El Nessim (Pharaonic feast), still mourning the dead for 40 days (Pharaonic tradition), still using words like Bekh to scare someone (pharaonic for scared), we still celebrate the birth of holly men and visit their graves (Fatimid tradition) and until 20 years ago, our passports were written in both Arabic and French (retained from the Napoleon occupation). The list goes on.

June 10, 2012

الدستورية والإحتمالات الأربعة

الإحتمال الأول:    قانون العزل: شغال   مجلس الشعب: فاكس
الإحتمال ده معناه إن شفيق يطلع من الرياسة ومجلس الشعب يتحل. ساعتها اللجنة التأسيسية تبقى لسه سارية. غالباً إللى حا يحصل إن الدستور حا يتكتب على بال ما إنتخابات الرئاسة تتعاد. وحا نبقى عملنا الدستور أولاً بس بعد ما ضيعنا حوالى 13 ألف ساعة من يوم 11 فبراير. إحتمال الإخوان يقفشوا شوية ويتشالوا ويتحطوا بس إحتمال كبير يكون فى صفقة معمولة معاهم عشان الموضوع يتلم بسرعة وخاصةً إن عزل شفيق حا يخللى الناس تهدى شوية. إنتخابات الرئاسة حا تتعاد وصباحى حا يخش يشيل الليلة وهو غالباً مرشح الجيش الخفي. الإخوان حا يلبسوا خازوق فى الرياسة وفى مجلس الشعب.