April 28, 2011

10 Questions..

Original Post: March 1st, 2011

I'm listing here a number of questions. I'm looking logical answers to try and understand whether we are really progressing towards democracy or if this whole business is being wrapped up in
one of the cheapest sticoms since the Bold and Beautiful. Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions below:

1. Why are we ammending the constitution and not replacing it entirely? We've operated with a corrupt constitution for 30 years would it make a difference to wait for 12 months?

2. Why the rush for the parlimentary and presidential elections? are 3 and 6 months respectively enough to establish a healthy political / democratic life? Can parties be established, be funded, recruit their members, identify their candidates, develop their agendas and promote them for either elections within this time frame?

3. How can elections be free and transparent if the key source of information for the wider base of Egyptians remains state media? How can we guarantee their unbias coverage if they are not independent?

4. If parliamentary elections are held in June, who are the most likely candidates to win those elections? New faces or old ones?

5. A new constitution is planned post presidential elections, who will appoint the members of the committee that will write this new constitution? Will it be elected? Why isn't this pannel / committee established today and not in 6 months?

6. Can't we find adequate, respectable candidates for the following positions: Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs?

7. Why would the Army want to establish a fully democratic and transparent government? Is that in their interest? Would it strengthen or weaken their position?

8. Governors and local governments traditionaly play a key role in elections. How can elections be free and transparent when we still have the same governors and local governments? Especially if most governors and Municipality heads are ex-military?

9. How come the police is not back in full force? and why is army retracting its forces from the streets slowly? Meanwhile, state media is stepping up its reports of chaos, violence and lack of security? Is that really happening or are these reports that we keep getting from the media? Does that have anything to do with the strategy implemented on Jan 28th to keep people scared and praying for stability? or is their a real shortage in the police force?

10. Who are e2telaf Shabab El Thawra and who are they representing? Who are they coordinating with?

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